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Pacific Rim Sourcing

Are you a small manufacturer seeking to reduce costs and benefit from offshore manufacturing?  Are you an inventor and find you need expertise in prototyping and pre-production development?  If so, we can help.

At the Small Business Finance Center, we are experts in providing financing solutions regarding offshore manufacturing for valid purchase orders as well as solutions for credit and payment when selling to foreign based buyers.  But there's more.

Because of our years of experience in offshore payment solutions and purchase orderOffshore product production solutions finance, we have built strategic relationships with specialty production consulting firms with broad capabilities in providing manufacturers and inventors with the expertise and experience necessary to take a product from the drawing board to full offshore production. 

New Product Development

For inventors and those with new product ideas, we can provide you with...

Purchase Order Finance and International Factoring

Once your product is fully developed and ready for manufacturing, the Small Business Finance Center can provide powerful financing and cash flow solutions for your company.  These include...

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Contact us and speak directly with a representative to discuss your invention, design, planned offshore production, or production financing.  Plan to attend one of our periodic and informative teleconferences and explore our capabilities to assist you in bringing your product from the "idea" stage through production and to success!